Tino Stefanoni


Tino Stefanoni born in 1937 at Lecco where he lives and works today. At the 1965 Biennial of Contemporary Art of Castelfranco Veneto, Stefanoni is awarded and two years later he wins the award for Young Italian Painting.

In the last twenty years or so, his painting concentrates more on landscape, an excuse for a study that, with careful attention to the definition of conceptual, manages to flow into the lyrical suggestion: colors appear, fancied for their maximum timber, together with the competent and learned use of light.


 Conceptualism is a primordial need for understatement particular to people living in mountain and lake regions and which, as time has progressed, become an emblem of aristocracy with Stefanoni.

His is meticulously ordered and his painting has been so purified that it is reduced to a very minimal existence of sign, allowing the release of poetry. He rediscovered a love for colors and the mastery of laying these down with a brush while he works with calm and restraint gives us a constant sense of measure.

His images are reduced to their essence and seem to be similar to childhood stories painted on cardboard panels during our first years in school or, they could be frames from a transmutated story from a comic book but in effect are signs giving new shape and detail to the smallest meaningful unit of our visual language. His latest shore is the Sinopia series.

These works play on the historical word for the preparatory image technique used for frescos; a line traced with the utmost attention on rough stucco before proceeding to paint.

"The fiction of painting is a disconcerting reality." "Art, as with philosophy and religion, yields a good dose of illusion."

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