Sandro Chia


Sandro Chia was born in Florence in 1946. He studied art at the Istituto d'Arte and then at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Firenze.

Post graduation, he traveled extensively to India, Turkey and throughout Europe before finally settling in Rome in 1970. In the seventies he exhibited in Rome and Europe and gradually moved away from conceptual art.

He received a scholarship from the city of Monchengladbach in Germany and moved there to work for a year. Afterwards, he moved to New York City where he stayed for over two decades although making frequent trips back to Montalcino, Siena.

He is part of the five initial artists making up the Italian Transavanguardia movement. His first works are dedicated to painting with oils, reminiscent of the Mannerists, and creating Michelangelo-type figures wrapped in a smiling irony.

From a chromatic point of view, Chia loved to express himself with the ultra bright colors of the Futurism. He never tires of proposing a return to the "canvas-canvas" and to the "painting-painting."

His vision restores the two-dimensionality of the canvas with values rooted in color, tone, volume and above all, a figurative form of a content purposefully cultured, thick with references and echoes of literary, philosophical and artistic history.

Today, he lives between Miami, Roma and Castello Romitorio in Montalcino where he manages the production of prestigious wines such as the world-famous Brunello di Montalcino winning the International Wine Challenge for best red in 2010.

Two of his monumental sculptures were purchased by Rome and are in front of headquarters in Via IV Novembre, and three of his most important paintings are in the Italian Senate purchased by the Italian government.

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