Riccardo Schweizer


Riccardo Schweizer was born in Trentino (1925-2004). He is not only well known as an artist, painter and sculptor but also as a designer presenting works idolizing that grey zone, between art and functionality.

Schweizer was convinced art had to leave the galleries and museums and become one with his applications.

Schweizer and his art went willingly towards uniting with the daily life of humans. His works were not just a painting, a print or sculpture, but architecture, furnishings, ceramics and glass; it was design with one single method. He worked in absolute intellectual freedom.

When he experimented with other medium and expressive forms, he managed to blend his ultra personal method of "doing art" with the profound need for interactions dictated from real life. His career produced (along with paintings, glass and ceramics), frescos, important sculptures in public spaces and, he received numerous commissions for huge architectural projects.

If in his paintings he fills the space with explosions of color and calculated overstatements, in design his approach is the opposite, contemporary. His lines are clean; the shapes are esthetically essential, saving space by playing with the joints so that when pulled apart, they open and expand.

It is as if he transferred in the design that cubist belief of dissection and reassembly of the object on canvas.

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