Pillino was born in 1948 in Camogli, just south of Genoa, were he lives and works today. In 1986, abandoned ordinary landscape painting to devote himself to studies in the contemporary world based on contrasts.

The Ligurian artist well aware of the ideas of Villeglé, Pollock, Fontana and graffiti artists, mixes their ideas together disturbing the encoded artistic language by inserting unforeseen signs, newspaper clippings of man.

Pillino's protagonists are dynamic and conflicting relationships between figures and gestures, foreground and background, full spaces and empty spaces. He is a cyclic painter yet the focus for all of his series is the rough-hewn wall.

As his studies progressed, that wall became older and rougher; cracks became deeper and wider becoming crevices revealing what was hidden beneath. His works show a curious dichotomy between full spaces and empty spaces, redundancy and suspension.

Through the crevice, a passage, one can see a relaxed world, free from exaggeration from the media, giving room to the spectator’s fancy free of impositions. The invitation is an escape from this world, this reality, to dive into the crevice of creative thought.

Pillino defines the wall as a sponge for the memory, able to evoke sensations in the spectator, questions, problems and dream-like fantasies.

Since 1987, Pillino has dedicated himself to a subject he defines as unlimited and boundless allowing him the freedom to elaborate his fantasy world, close to that of some of the greatest masters of Italian art of the 1900s; from Alberto Burri and Lucio Fontana to Mimmo Rotella.

This twelve-year journey presented Pillino with two phases, each one characterized by a discussion about the wall and, one within the wall. These discussions foresee in fact, the ability to imagine the wall of the future, something akin to a highly technological and telematic where man will leave his virtual messages.

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