Nicola De Maria


Nicola de Maria (Foglianise, 1954) is a story about poetry, music, material and above all, colors used without restraint liberally.

De Maria is another italian artist who is part of Transavanguardia group. Color is the great ally of this artist, giving life, cosmic visions and fantasy-like landscapes. They are thoughts in the form of tints with words painted on every type of support as well as, walls.

De Maria's works are a testimony to his interest in art themes and to his great love for color. One can see and feel his passion for beauty, his extraordinary sensitivity for rhythm, composition and the consonance of color. De Maria seems to transform poetry and lyrics into painting.

Every work is a magical space or a fairytale landscape where contemplation is necessary to understand his state of mind. He has been defined as one who writes poetry with his hand full of colors.

In the nineties, his spirituality transformed his works to pure abstraction, altering his works into a sort of prayer that can be represented only with an intense pictorial gesture.

During this time the historical fundamental elements characterizing his works were not neglected such as, the brilliant chromatism.

The use of color by De Maria mirrors the attachment to his land, to his Mediterranean quality that is continually represented with landscapes populated by courageous and wise personalities, bursting with natural power.

Although these subjects are never mentioned, it is exactly this lack of depiction forcing the observer to immerge oneself into this fantastic spiritual and poetic world, as if you were its creator.


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