Ivan Lardschneider


Ivan Lardschneider has shown his works in various events, in and out of the European borders. Rhode Island, Miami, Berlin and Paris are among his latest exhibiting locations, together with his participation at the 54th Biennial of Venice. He was the first apprentice of Aron Demetz where he started his figurative career, then turning to his current, original and recognizable style.

Ivan Lardschneider was born in the Val Gardena, a valley in the Dolomites of Italy, known as the Southern Tyrol, in 1976. He has exhibited since 2005 and his works are at the Ladin Museum, Italy and art galleries in Paris, Saint Paul de Vence, Rome, Milan, Miami, Berlin and India.

He took part in the 53rd Biennial of Venice with a collateral project of the LILA and in 2011 he attended the 54th Biennial of Venice.

In 2010 he was invited to show his works with the itinerant group show "Dadaunpop" that touched Mumbai, Calcutta and New Delhi, curated by Igor Zanti.

Linden wood is his medium, the same of the Gardenese tradition, which was used for centuries to create religious sculptures in the churches of northern Italy. He has rediscovered this wood today with his works using a unique artistic syntax.

When talking about his works, Lardschneider is transported back to that childhood, one of candid conditions, simple and uncontaminated. A childhood that taught us to call things with their names, transcending the constructed language to make it pure once again. Lardschneider allows us to return to this primordial sense of communication through his use of a simple and intuitive language. His figure is linear and absolute, needing no more than our daily gestures to communicate.

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