Hans Hartung


Hans Hartung (1904-1989) German born but French nationality by choice, was directly connected to all the avanguardia movements of the 1900s.

From the blotchy and splashy to the lyrical abstractism of Kandinskji to Cubism and Expressionism without joining any current or tendency, never letting himself be imprisoned by definitions, filtering every experience to the tune of his own personal concepts of art and language, incomparable and self sufficient.


After 1925, he embarks on his definitive painting style, abstract and informal. Filtered by his European cultural background, Hartung's language, immediately and clearly non figurative, unites in terms of absolute elegance and balanced expressionist vehemence with informal anarchy he constructs infinite variations of the "sign" (the line), the theme running all his productive life.


The mark, the line, the sign expresses the vital pulsations of the universe: a soft line, flexible curve, rigid and or powerful, a blotch of screaming color, joyful or sinister, these are the "signs" of Hartung.


 To his dying day he remained faithful to his language in fact, exhausted and reduced to a wheelchair, to continue painting, he improvised using an garden insecticide sprayer to shoot violent splatters of color letting his whole creative force explode in an extreme act of love for his art and life.

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