Giorgio De Chirico


Giorgio de Chirico was born a Volos, Greece (1888-1978). He is known for his artistic current of metaphysical painting.

In 1910 he went to Florence where he painted his first piazza (Piazza Santa Croce), in his metaphysical style. Between 1912 and 1913 his fame grew in leaps and bounds even though he was not doing great economically.


The height of his painting years was between 1909 and 1917 during the metaphysical period.

The paintings of this time period are memorable for the poses and the attitudes evoked by the sharp images.

After the wars, during which time he abandoned his piazzas, he painted still life with geometric symbols, bread and cookies. In the fifties his painting was characterized by self-portraits in baroque costumes and landscapes of Venice.

He suffered frequent migraines (just as Picasso), which disturbed his vision making it difficult to work.



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