Elvino Motti


Elvino Motti was born in 1952 in Dosso del Liro, (province of Como) the most north western position of the province; bordering with Switzerland. From the very beginning, he understood his direction and attended the arte institute of Cantù. He was a student of Giuliano Vangi and soon became a Maestro d'Arte. He followed these studies with the famous Academy of Fine Arts at Brera, Milan, graduating in 1975.

Between 1980 and 2008 he enrolled in post-graduate schooling at the Ial Lombardia and graduated with a diploma as professor, coordinator and tutor for classes in restoration of wooden, gilded and polychrome works. He was also professor at the Artistic High School of Brera as well as Cantù. During his artistic experience he has created and worked with all types of material and is now, his latest discovery, working with methacrylate.

Original, innovative and intelligent are the best adjectives to describe the unique art and intuitions characterizing the woks of Elvino Mottti. What characterizes this artist is not the desire to break with tradition but the need to re-think the form, knowing that the classic vision is just simple nostalgia; man and nature seem to be threatened in their integrity thus art must reproduce that original condition of happiness, serenity and authenticity that was lost and that the human being is no longer able to create.

The underlying theme in his works is nature and its relationship with the landscape. It is not strange to think of the landscape in a sculpture when the objective of the author is to emphasize the harmony between man and the world.

The energy released by nature is captured inside the sculpture (Omaggio al Sole – Tribute to the Sun), where pure energy runs under the guise of light that is trapped and stored during the day inside two hemispheres of gilded bronze, which is then released at night, given back in the form of perennial light. The sphere captures the light because the stone allows the suns rays to pass through a tiny hole, which then reaches, during the spring equinox, a specific luminous effect; the sculpture is pure energy.

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