Claus Larsen


IClaus Larsen was born in Copenhagen in the Fifties.

He painted at an early age and began showing in galleries in Copenhagen and at the same time, he was drawn to the world of medicine.

He graduated from the University of Medicine and Surgery of Copenhagen in 1987 and began working in the field of scientific illustrations, synthesizing elements acquired during his formative studies in medicine.

Just like Renaissance painters, he creates his colors mixing natural pigments and egg yolk, which optimizes the chromatic yield and coating.

His images while seductive with their gaudy, loud and flashy colors hide ambiguous and contradicting visions revealing the doubts of contemporary society.

In Larsen's art, accuracy is not necessary because it is the contradiction that governs life. One can almost forget about the double entendre of his nonsense in order to limit oneself to just move about in his skies and lawns where, time is never exact because winter begins in spring and dawn breaks at midnight.

In his contradictory worlds made up of flamboyant vegetation and wonderful little animals, the artist inserts some surreal details. For example, a world map made up of leaves reflected in a mud puddle where birds drink thereby giving birth again to surrealism in delicate images like the little face of a squirrel, yet devoid of any Freudian implications that characterized this historical avanguardia.

Flying penguins soaring over a fantasy city, giant ermines holding the lady of Leonardo da Vinici, white leopards dressed in hats from the Sixties haute couture and elegant furs, trunks in the shape of bottles, all placed in scenes of verdant nature or tropical forests filled with multicolored parrots.

These are the glimpses or, scraps of imaginary worlds painted with the sharpness and precision of Larsen.

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