Christo & Janne-Claude


Christo Vladimiroff Javacheff (born 1935) is a Bulgarian-born sculptor and environmental artist who gained worldwide fame for his unique large-scale environmental artworks such as Running Fence and Valley Curtain.


He moved to Paris in 1958 after attending Sofia's Fine Arts Academy. Here he began exhibiting works with the new realists.

His first sculptures were made of cans and bottles many of which were wrapped in paper, plastic or fabric. He eventually expanded his projects to buildings and landscapes. In 1964 he moves to New York.


He is most famous for his monumental outdoor project such as Valley Curtain (1972) in Colorado, and Running Fence (1976) in California. In 1995 he wrapped the Berlin Reichstag with metallic silver fabric.


His displays, which are temporary and involve hundreds of workers, are controversial among environmentalists but have been critically well received. Since 1961 most have been collaborative efforts with his wife, Jeanne-Claude.



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