Bernard Aubertin


Bernard Aubertin was born in 1934 at Fontenay-aux-Roses in France. In 1951 he becomes an apprentice at the Decorative Arts School and in 1957 he meets Yves Klein who helped him in the successive year to create his first four red monochromes.

His choice of color is spontaneous and impulsive freeing him from any chromatic manipulation of the design and composition. The exclusive use of red, a privileged color and a symbol of blood as well as, the element of fire characterizes his research. In 1961 he participates with the ZERO group of Dusseldorf together with Mack, Piene, Uecker and in 1957-58, with the NUL group of Amsterdam.


He also comes in contact with Piero Manzoni and Lucio Fontana. In 1961 he creates his first fire painting and in 1962 his first burned book. He has a curiosity tied to fire and to the reflection of the flame. He says, "There are two colors in my work, that of fire, of the caramelization, and the cremation of black or red in the monochrome paintings."


His works range from nail paintings covered in paint, perfect representations of flames, to the iron wire boards, to the fire designs or matchstick paths, to his performances of burning pianos (dating back to 1988), to burned cars and the semema of the nineties.

His artistic activity took place mostly in Paris then in Brest, with frequent sojourns in Italy between the seventies and nineties.

His monochrome works have moved towards black, white and gold monochromes. Today he lives and works in Reutlingen, Germany.

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