Benjamin Casiano


Benjamin Casiano was born & raised in New York City. He received his BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. An accomplished art director, graphic designer turn full time painter.

His bold & stylistic works can be seen in galleries in the US. Numerous pieces are owned by corporate & private collections. For the past several years, Benjamin has developed his own style & technique but it's mostly through the abstract expressionist movement that had the most profound effect on where his prolific work is today.


His art minimize the amount of color predominating the variation of form making

it largely confine to a periphery motif. While using mostly geometric shapes & gradients in his figures, he executes in a loose brushstroke technique creating

a form of expressionism in itself. Constantly utilizes & imparts tones with rich textures, he creates a intense definition. By doing so he improves & refines his minimalistic approach, executing with a meticulous eye, balancing a dramatic presence beyond the initial appearance. This approach takes a amorphous shape that coalesce a portal that becomes a metaphor of his subconscious for love, passion & mystery.

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