Arturo Picca


The artist is an unconscious dustman who continually and, involuntarily cleans things from incrustations of society. Once clean, he then returns them in their original purity light and cleanliness; this is the art of Picca.

Following a radical change in his life, from 2004 to today Picca continues with his deliberation on the imbalance of the rapport between culture and physical reality.

Arturo Picca was born in Naples, 1962. As a child he had a predisposition for design and an art encyclopedia in his home. Up to about eighteen years of age, he let his passion for classic art, up to the most extreme contemporary art tendencies take flight. In 1984 he begins his career as an illustrator first in the comic sector then for books and magazines. In the 90s he began working as an illustrator for advertising agencies in Naples.

It was during this time, where the sensation that painting had already said everything there was to say, when he went into computer graphic design. Here in the 3D software, he found a genial and completely new way to create images. From that point he became a beta-tester, holding technical classes on traditional and digital illustration.

In 2001 he marries and moves to Milan working with publishing and advertising companies. Despite the old aversion to the artistic world, in 2003 he is selected to participate in the XIV Quadrennial of Art in Rome with a huge digital panel. He soon moves north to Friuli among the trees and hillsides of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is here in this new world and new life where he rethinks his old artistic discourse and fulfills an anachronistic return to painting.

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