Arman (Fernandez Arman)


Fernandez Arman, was born in Nice 1928. He rappresents New Realism; the movement born around the critic Pierre Restany was a revolution in expression, a new dimension of sensibility.


For Arman it was about assembling objects society considered marginal or insignificant putting the attention on things we do not realize or see, and exalting the value of the object we use on a daily basis. Similar to a musical instrument creating emotions and melodies but with Arman, becomes split, sectioned and does not transmit sounds transforming into an object of contemplation.


The split violins recall the dissection of Cubism; the tubes of color with their colors dripping down large canvases seem to be a tribute to Pollock and the bronze fusions sectioned and reassembled with a classical aura seem to repeat De Chirico.

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