Agostino Bonalumi


Agostino Bonalumi was born in Vimercate, near Milan in 1935. He studied at the Technical and Industrial Institute and while learning technical design, he begins to work with his first artistic experiments such as the fabric glued on canvases then applying color by brush in fact, not far from what will soon be the painting of the third dimension.

At a very young age he begins his artistic journey in Milan spending many a visit with Enrico Baj where he eventually met Luico Fontana, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani.


Recognizing the end to the informal art push, he decides to collaborate with the magazine Azimuth, which proposed wiping the slate clean regarding the preceding artistic experience and starting new based on a new pact with social progress.

This is evidenced in Manzoni, Castellani and Bonalumi with the use of monochrome canvases, extroversions done with various techniques in a way to create light and dark effects prismatic with the inclination of the light source.


 This was a totally new and original artistic experience considered fundamentally important in the abstract art history of the 1900s not only for Italy but internationally. At thirteen he had a personal exhibit and in 1958 he organized his first show in Milan with Castellani and Manzoni.

He is invited to the Biennials of Venice and San Paolo, Brazil in 1966 and in 1968 the Biennial of Paris. From that point on he becomes completely international. His works are considered to be extremely imaginative and always new in his play with light and shadow.

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